My Travel Planning Routine …first steps researching destinations

In the early stages of travel planning, there are a handful of websites I visit for research. Numbeo is an excellent resource for cost of living info, and Airbnb gives me an idea of what my actual monthly lodging costs will be when we first hit the ground. The links below are sites I use to check out potential destinations for travel:

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RESEARCH FOR A SMOOTH FIRST TRAVEL DAYS – Once we’ve selected our destination and dates, we often spend extra time gathering information to make our first few days a little smoother (especially if we’re going somewhere that we don’t speak the language fluently). Here’s a link to what we did during our first 36 hours in Santiago, Chile: .

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CG and I are traveling long term, but packing light. We’ve been traveling now for more than a year, and we each carry a single Osprey Pack. You can find more info about our travel packs and the current prices for these Osprey packs at Amazon.

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