Cheapest European Countries to Visit!

Do you know which are the cheapest European countries to visit? Did you know that there are cheap European countries to travel on a budget?

Prince Entertainer created the list of cheapest European countries to visit. Some of them will surprise you, but number one on our list is a hidden gem of Europe, so stay till the end and see beautiful but cheapest European countries to visit!

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10. Albania
Albania is a good alternative to more expensive Mediterranean countries like Italy or Greece. This country has a rich architectural and cultural heritage obtained due to its close contact with the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian Empires, and therefore has a multitude of historical sites that you can study. Apart from history, Albania is an increasingly popular place for lazing on sandy beaches, enjoying the clear sea and Mediterranean specialties. More than 350 kilometers long coast of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas offers a handful of places for pure enjoyment.

The popularity is due to the excellent price-quality ratio because, for a little money in Albania, a tourist gets a lot. One of the most popular Albanian destinations is certainly Saranda because of the azure sea and beautiful stone beaches, and nearby and the fine white sand of Ksamil, Manastir, and Himara enchants with its beauty.

Food prices are very low on the Albanian coast. A hotel room could get you there for only $ 25, and other things are pretty cheap. For seven days in Saranda in the second half of July, the couple can find a fantastic hotel room for less than 450 $.

9. Ukraine
Ukraine is an incredibly cheap country. Even in big cities (which are considered the safest), a full meal can cost you around 2$, and the entrance to some of the best museums less than fifty!

Ukraine is known for sweets, so for a little money, you can satisfy your desire for sweets!

Strudels, ice creams, cakes, pastries, and sweets are available on literally every corner, and their prices are much higher in shops and restaurants.
Restaurants in Ukraine are of very high quality when it comes to both decor and service. The food is always fresh (you can order fish almost anywhere), and for about 200 dinars you can eat a good meal.

Accommodation is hardly more expensive, so you will pay for a luxury hotel in Ukraine as much as you would pay for lunch or dinner in another country. When it comes to transportation, find out before you go: many different companies offer transportation on longer routes, but the price range is very large.

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