AWESOME TRIP EVERY TIME // How To Research Travel Destinations

Think you might like to visit a new place? This video will show you how to research travel destinations so you get awesome trips every time.

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Research the Entry Requirements
5:24 Use Google Search to Find Some Places
5:47 Use A Map
9:19 Ask People On Facebook or Reddit
11:03 Find Friends Before You Travel and Ask Them
11:56 Use Google Flights
14:26 I Like to Budget My Expenses When Travelling
14:34 I Use Airbnb
17:42 Few Things You Need When Entering A Country
18:11 Bring A Bank Statement
19:10 Have the Location Where You Stay
19:51 I Recommend Having A Return Ticket
21:36 Comment, Like and Subscribe

In this video I look at Uruguay and I keep pronouncing the capital “Montevideo” as “Monteverde” :’)

The first thing I do is to research entry requirements. This is the website I use for checking entry requirements for a country:

The next thing I like to do is do some good Google searching. I like to see maps, see what other people have enjoyed, and pictures of different places.

You can also check Facebook and Reddit to get what others say 🙂

My favorite way to get recommendations and to hear about places is to make friends before I go somewhere.

How To Make Friends While (and before) Traveling:

Next I find cheap flights. I use Google Flights. I prefer it over Kayak to Expedia or whatever. Google Flights Website:

Last, I like to budget about how much it will cost me to live in a place for about a month. I get a rough idea of housing prices and then go from there.

Airbnb is the website I use:

I like to set a few filters: I want a kitchen, Wifi, a private bathroom, and I like to get the entire place.

I’m not a hostel guy 🙂

If you want to see me go through this entire process and filter out some Airbnbs, check out this video of me finding a place to stay in Rio de Janeiro: How To Find A Place To Stay In Rio De Janeiro:

But it’s always hard to research some things about any country, so here’s what I’ve come to figure out:

Customs will almost always ask for a few things, and there are some resources you always want to be at your disposal. These will vary from customs office to customs office and some are asked for more than others, but I always have these on hand:

-Address of the place you’re staying
-Number of days you’re staying
-Copies of passport, driver’s license
-Return ticket back home. I’ve just been asked for this once or twice but it’s an entry requirement in most countries
-Bank statements showing at least $1,000 USD for each month intended to stay in the country (I’ve heard that credit card limits work as well). Note no one has ever asked me for this in my memory
-Perhaps some sort of health pass in some countries during covid times.