7 BEST places to VISIT in JULY & AUGUST | Where to travel in Summer (summer travel destinations)

July and August are often the busiest months, because lots of people are starting their holidays and spread out into the world. Therefore, it is hard to decide where to go, even though the possibilities are as broad as they can get. Warm weather and blooming nature makes July and August a perfect time to visit certain countries. In this video we want to present you our top 7 places to visit in July and August, trying to avoid the standard summer destinations, such as Italy or Greece.

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Timestamps: 👇👇
0:00 Intro
00:32 Peru
01:40 Montenegro
02:37 Zansibar, Tansania
03:33 Flores, Indonesia
04:34 Norway
05:33 Cornwall, England
6:51 Provence, France
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