10 Sacred Native American Places

From the GRAND Canyon, to the little known eerie black hills, these are 10 Sacred Native American Places !

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5. The Devil’s Tower
Devil’s tower, that soars 900 feet in the sky is National Monument is located in the state of Wyoming. This landmark is considered to be sacred to the Lakota Tribe and other small tribes in this area. The Lakota however have the strongest spiritual connection with this place. They refer to it by several different names including “ghost mountain” “Grizzly Bear’s Lodge” and “Mythical Owl Mountain”. It’s here where they often conducted spiritual rituals such as fasting, praying, and shaman would performing healing ceremonies. One tale tells that a fierce warrior was undergoing a vision and suddenly appeared at the top of this mountain. He was frightened and felt that there was no possible way to come down without losing his life. Here in this photo, we see the chief of the Lakota Nation, who goes by the Chief Arvol. Him and his people have requested that the name of the mountain be changed to the “Bears Lodge”. He claims that the name is very misleading, There’s nothing evil about it and it’s a place where his people have prayed for years.

4. Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea is the highest peak in the state of hawaii, reaching nearly 14,000 feet and the native Hawaiians find this place to be a sacred place. From the peak of this massive dormant volcano, amazing views of the cosmos can be seen due to the darkness of the ocean surrounding it. For this reason, it’s also sought after by astronomers who wanted to build a massive telescope to peer into the final frontier. Native hawaiians protested the construction of the Mauna kea telescope on this sacred volcano. They claim that it’s from here where spirits of the supreme beings, divine entities live and the meeting place for the god of the sky and mother earth. It’s also believed to be a holy burial ground. Many people protested the construction of the telescope and in 2015, native hawaiians held a large gathering to block entrance to it and were arrested by authorities.

3. The Grand Canyon
This location is often on travellers to-do list while visiting the Southwestern United States. Many tourists however, might not know right away that these remarkably beautiful canyons are sacred to Native American tribes. In the surrounding area, tribes like the Navajo, Havasupai, Hopi and Paiute Tribes have all settled in this area, well before tours to the white man were available and before gift shops began selling replica jewlery. Many tribes have deeply imbedded history in the grand canyon and there are several Indian reservation here. The water that flows through the canyon is considered to be sacred to them, and the Havasupai Indians get their name from this. Havasupai translates to “people of the green and blue waters. Other stone structures nearby like Wigleeva we see here, overlooks the havasupai village, are believed to guard the tribe, and if they fall, it will mean the end of their civilization.

2. Navajo Mountain
Located in Southwest Utah, in the monument valley, this is the highest peak in the Navajo Nation reserve and considered to be the area of the first ever Navajo settlement. It plays a huge role in Navajo culture and is the setting of their mythical legends. Evidence of other people such as the Anasazi have also been discovered and the Navajo also believe it’s haunted by spirits of this tribe. The southwest of the united states can get quite dry at times, and they believe tha0t this mountain plays a vital role in bring rain and freshwater to their people.

1.The Black Hills
Possibly one of the most disputed pieces of land within the United States are the Black Hills. Other areas in North and South Dakota are the original homeland for the Lakota Native Americans. According the them, the Black Hills are “the heart of Everything that is”. As the American settlers continued westward with the concept of Manifest Destiny, it became a casualty in vicious conquest of land. Thousands of buffalo that once roamed this area, with purposely slaughtered to extinguish the food source of this tribe, like we see here with this pyramid of Buffalo skulls. The black mountains are still a location of political unrest and confrontations in modern times. Many Lakota believe that this is a unique place where they are able to make spiritual connections with their creators. It’s also their the location of the Bears Lodge we mentioned eariler. The Lakota take a large amount of pride in their heritage and even recently there’s been civil unrest when tribe members feared the government building a oil pipeline through burial grounds and sacred land near the black hills.