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I get asked a lot about my carb sources.  Even though I can’t have wheat, gluten, pasta, bread, etc there are still so many things I can eat.  They include: brown rice, jasmine rice, quinoa, corn tortillas, sweet potatoes, squash, Gluten-free tortillas, rice noodles, and gluten-free noodles.  I like all kinds of gluten-free noodles. My husband went gluten-free as well but he only likes the corn based noodles. I love spaghetti squash.  It is my favorite substitute for spaghetti.  For baking, I like to use Bob's Red Mill Gluten-free flours.  Bob’s Red Mill also has GF oats and a GF hot cereal mix.  They are a local Oregon company that I like to support.  Gluten-free specialty foods are becoming easier to find.  A lot of grocery stores are starting to mark the items on the shelves or even have a whole gluten-free section.  In Portland, we have a great variety of local gluten-free companies and bakeries.

I am excited to say that GF bread has really improved over the years.  It has been fun to add “bread” back into my diet.  My favorite gluten-free bread is Udi’s.  They now have different varieties of bread, hamburger buns, hot dogs buns, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and pizza crusts.  The buns are brand new this year and might be hard to find but well worth the effort!  I loved having my first hamburger on a bun in 5 years.  Grilling burgers and hot dogs will be so fun this summer!  We also love make your own pizza night.  Udi’s products have the best shelf life of all gluten-free breads.  It can stay on the counter for 7 days or 21 days refrigerated.  It can also be frozen for 6 months. The 7 day shelf life, without being refrigerated, makes it perfect for traveling.  The texture of Udi’s bread is best I have eaten.  Most gluten-free breads fall apart or need to be toasted but Udi’s can be eaten out of the bag.  Udi’s has gone national and can be found in most Kroger stores. 

At home, I like to cook a lot of different foods.  I really like spicy foods, thanks to living in New Mexico for two years.  I enjoy cooking curries, stir-fry’s and grilling.  I eat a lot of red meat, especially bison (buffalo) because it is leaner than chicken and has more iron. I feel that endurance athletes need protein for recovery and red meat to keep the iron levels up.

Favorite Foods at Home:
Udi’s Gluten-Free Products - we love make your own pizza night
Udi’s Gluten-free – muffins, bagels, granola, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pizza crusts, and cookies
Greek Yogurt
Bob’s Red Mill GF oatmeal and mixes
Nature’s Path Cereals
Chex Cereals
Silk Unsweetened Soy Milk
Amy’s Products – organic and gluten free frozen meals
Almond Butter
All Fruits and Vegetables
Tinkyada pasta
Mrs. Leeper’s Corn Spaghetti
Bison, chicken, seafood – especially our great NW salmon

Typical Gluten-free Meals at home:

  • Nature’s Path Cereal, silk unsweetened soy milk, banana
  • Bob’s Red Mill GF Oatmeal, unsweetened soy milk, fruit, nuts
  • 3 egg omelet with vegetables, grits, soy milk, and melon
  • Udi’s bread, 2 eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon, soy milk
  • Udi’s bread, cream cheese or almond butter, banana


  • Amy’s soups, Mary’s Gone Crackers, salad
  • Gluten-free tortilla, rice and beans, cheese, green chili and fruit
  • Udi’s bread, lean meat, salad
  • Salad with lean meat, fruit


  • Grilled meat like bison, salmon, or chicken, salad, sweet potato
  • Stir fry with lean meat like shrimp, chicken or bison, vegetables, brown rice, fruit
  • Stuffed bell peppers with rice, beans, mushrooms, cheese and salsa
  • Red curry chicken with vegetables and rice
  • Baked eggplant parmesan
  • Black bean burritos with gluten-free tortillas
  • Taco Salad
  • Udi’s Pizza Crust for make your own pizza night
  • Sushi


  • Udi’s bread, almond butter or cream cheese, banana
  • Plain kefir with agave nectar, almonds
  • Cottage cheese with fruit
  • Greek yogurt, with Udi’s granola, and fruit
  • Hummus and vegetables
  • Rice cakes with almond butter
  • Trail mix or popcorn

The question I get the most is what I eat before races. I want to say that everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you. It is important to try things until you find the items that work for you. Once you find the magic formula don’t change it. 

The night before the race I try to find a restaurant with a Gluten-Free menu. My first choice is PF Chang’s. They have a great GF menu and protocol to deal with cross-contamination. My second choice is Outback Steakhouse. If those two restaurants are not available I use the Triumph Dining “Essential Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide” to find a restaurant with a GF menu in the area. If all else fails you can do Wendy’s chili and baked potato.

The day of the race I use Generation UCAN, lemonade or pom-blue flavor before the race. If it is a night time race I try to use products that I brought on the trip or got at the store that I trust. Race day foods include: gluten-free cereals, soy milk, gluten-free instant oatmeal, rice cakes, bananas, almond butter, baked potatoes or rice. Right after the race, I use Generation UCAN chocolate or vanilla. I also love to have a banana with almond butter after a race.